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Build brand loyalty, increase awareness and generate higher profits with ActiveMenus. Our intuitive solutions are custom tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Restaurant Solutions

Something for every kind of appetite.

Our versatile, cost-effective restaurant tools scale as you grow.

Single location restaurant

Single Locations

You’re busy, and we understand that. Get set up in minutes and start saving money with our commission-free online ordering. Add marketing and loyalty programs with ease, and watch your revenue grow.

Multiple Locations

Managing menus, orders, deliveries, marketing initiatives and customer data across all your stores is a delight with ActiveMenus. We give you tools to deliver a consistent customer experience at every location, building more brand loyalty and driving higher revenues.

Multiple restaurant locations
Multiple concept restaurant

Multiple Concepts

Drill down to a single location, get reports on each concept, or view your entire operations at a glance. Implement powerful cross-promotions and loyalty programs with automated marketing for builds deep, multi-brand loyalty and keeps your guests coming back for more.

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