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Digital Solutions for Your Restaurant Clients

Step into an era of innovation designed exclusively for agencies like yours, dedicated to catapulting restaurant clients into the digital age. ActiveMenus empowers your agency to deliver a spectrum of cutting-edge digital dining solutions & support, all under your esteemed brand.

Partner with ActiveMenus Because

Your Brand Leads the Way

Offer our comprehensive digital solutions as your own, ensuring your agency remains the hero to your restaurant clients.

Tailored Agency Rates

Access our services at exclusive rates, crafting a pricing strategy that boosts your margins while delivering exceptional value to your restaurant clientele.

Seamless Behind-the-Scenes Execution

We take care of the technological nitty-gritty, from deployment to ongoing support, letting you focus on what you do best: growing your agency and making your clients sticky.

Our White Label Offerings

Offer a slew of products and services without the headaches.

Restaurant order taking app

Online Ordering &
Mobile Apps

Offer your clients their own branded online
ordering system and mobile app.

Call-in + AI Phone Ordering & Order Support

Streamline clients order-taking with efficient
call-in services and order support.

restaurant loyalty program

Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Engage diners with customizable loyalty
and rewards programs.

Order Fulfillment, Support, & Delivery Options

Provide comprehensive order support, including full, partial, or self-manageddelivery services.

online ordering system
online food ordering

Elevate Your Agency with ActiveMenus

Join us in transforming the restaurant industry, one digital solution at a time. ActiveMenus is your silent partner, enabling you to deliver state-of-the-art dining experiences, all under your brand's banner.