Multiple Concepts

Fully Integrated Systems Built for Restaurant Groups.

Create advanced, cross-promotional and omni-channel campaigns to build multi-brand loyalty and increase your revenue. Powerful analytics and detailed reporting give you control over every aspect of your operation.

Multiple concept restaurant
multiple concept restaurant

Specifically designed for
multiple concepts and restaurant groups.

Accept online orders for all of your stores and concepts from a single website or mobile app. Customers simply click the order button and choose where they’d like to order their food from.

Multiple concept ordering that’s easy for your guests.

Your customers will see everything that is available in their area. You can even upsell and cross-promote different brands during the checkout process. This leads to increased average order value, and creates more visibility for all of your restaurants.

multiple concepts
food orders and delivery management

Streamline management
of your orders and deliveries

Manage all your orders in one place. You choose between integrating orders into your existing POS system, or opt for a convenient ordering tablet that we provide you.

You’ll also save your staff a ton of time and effort as they’ll no longer have to manually take orders and then enter them into a POS system.

Fully integrated admin with extensive, granular controls.

ActiveMenus lets you to see data and reporting across your group of multiple concepts with ease. You can drill down to the details of a single store, specific geographic locations, a singular restaurant concept or view your entire operation. Manage orders and deliveries, view finances, customer data, advanced reporting and more. Your super admin account allows you to create sub-admin accounts for the managers of individual stores, corporate level directors, etc., and control the level of access they each have.

fully integrated delivery software

Raise profit margins across all your concepts.

Digital and online ordering from ActiveMenus is always commission free. Whether you are taking orders through your website, a mobile app, or from people searching on Google, you’ll save big on the expensive fees charged by third-party apps like GrubHub and UberEats. This gives your bottom line a significant boost.

Digital ordering and management solutions for multiple concepts and restaurant groups.

Website Ordering

Take orders for every restaurant and concept in your business, directly from your a beautiful, responsive website.

Intuitive Admin System

A singular, powerful admin with detailed reporting and advanced tools gives you full control over every store, location and concept.

Branded Mobile Apps

Extend this ecosystem to your customers’ mobile phones with a custom branded app for your entire restaurant group.

Cross promote your concepts, create multi-brand loyalty.

Take advantage of the full capabilities of the ActiveMenus marketing suite by creating powerful cross-promotions between your different restaurant concepts. This is a whole new level of brand loyalty.

Implement rewards and loyalty programs that can be used across multiple concepts, delighting your customers and keeping them inside your culinary ecosystem.

Restaurant Brand loyalty

Branded mobile apps increase customer loyalty, with app users ordering up to 2x as often.

automated restaurant marketing

Automate your marketing. Deliver in-app messages.

Set up automated marketing that gets triggered by the unique, individual actions of each of your customers. Your marketing and cross-promotions become more effective by sending these communications at the times your customers are most likely to make a food ordering decision.

Mobile apps and loyalty / rewards programs increase the number of channels you have to engage with customers, while also providing you more customer data points. And our templated marketing system helps you create emails, social content, direct mailers and more, any time you need.

We opted into the ActiveMenus automated marketing system, which markets to our consumers depending on their buying patterns. If you are looking for a seamless system, this is a great product.

Joe M. — Owner, OrderQD

Marketing tools and customer loyalty solutions for multiple concepts and restaurant groups.

Automated Marketing

Automate offers and cross-promotions so they are sent to your customers at the most effective time, based on their buying patterns.

Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Grow a thriving ecosystem of restaurant concepts by building multi-brand loyalty with programs your customers will love.

Branded Mobile Apps

Extend this ecosystem to your customers’ mobile phones with a custom branded app for your entire restaurant group.

Did You Know?

70% of consumers would rather order direct
from a restaurant vs. a third party, preferring
that their money goes to the actual restaurant.

Delight your guests, increase your bottom line.

Restaurant logistic

Run your own multi-concept delivery network.

Take control of your delivery experience too by building your own in-house delivery fleet for your entire restaurant group. Drivers can use our logistics app to accept and manage orders, with automated dispatch and smart delivery powering things behind the scenes to ensure efficient driver routes and accurate delivery times. It’s a convenient and efficient way to give your employees another method of making money and lets you ensure the type of delivery experience you want.

Leverage our delivery fleet for your stores instead.

You can opt to use the ActiveMenus Delivery Fleet instead of running your own. Our network of highly experienced drivers will provide your customers with a superior delivery experience every time. This will still save you money over third party delivery services, and will integrate seamlessly with the operations you already have in place.

Active menu delivery software

The secret weapon for restaurant groups.

ActiveMenus is the most comprehensive ordering and marketing system ever built for restaurant groups. Get started today.