Website Ordering

Take Orders Directly From Your Website, Commission Free.

website restaurant ordering

It’s as easy as clicking ‘Order’. Seriously.

Customers look online first before deciding what to eat. We help make sure they can find you. They’ll love how simple and easy it is, and you will open up a whole new revenue stream. And the best part? It’s always commission free.

website ordering
online restaurant menu

Show off your mouthwatering food with a visual menu.

You control every aspect of your menu- item names, photos, prices, add-ons, modifications, specials and more. You can organize it however you like, add upsells at checkout, and even offer loyalty programs.

You can also cross promote multiple brands if you are a restaurant group, ghost kitchen, or run multiple concepts.

Beautiful websites and menus that are fully responsive and optimized for mobile.

Because you need to look good everywhere. Websites and online menus are built to serve every screen size and device, ensuring a pleasant ordering experience that is accessible for everyone.

optomize for mobile online menu
website ordering made easy

More visibility. More traffic. More growth.

The website Is what gets you noticed. Online ordering is what drives your sales.

70% of consumers would rather order direct from a restaurant vs. a third party, preferring that their money goes to the actual restaurant.

Integrate with your existing website, or create a beautiful, new website with ease.

If you already have a website you love, we can add ordering and menu capabilities to it, enabling your guests to order food from you directly.

Otherwise ActiveMenus will help you bring your ideas to life with our professional tools and design team. Your new site will be lightning fast, fully responsive and deliver a superb ordering experience.

integrate website ordering with your existing site
order management

Simplify your operations with easy order management.

Manage all your orders in one place. You can choose to integrate orders into your existing POS system, or use a convenient ordering tablet that we will provide for you.

You’ll no longer have to manually take down orders and then enter them into a POS system, saving your staff time and energy to focus on more important tasks.

Tools designed for multiple locations, ghost kitchens, and restaurant groups.

You can accept online orders for all of your stores and concepts from a single website. You can also cross-promote between different brands and add upsells at checkout. Everything is designed to raise your average order value.

Multiple restaurant management

Boost your in-store sales too

Customers who have placed an online
order at a restaurant will also visit that
restaurant 67% more frequently.

How website ordering works:

  1. ActiveMenus helps you create your new website, or adds ordering capabilities to your existing website through our ordering widget.

  2. Customers can now place orders directly through your website. Payment is captured through your own merchant account.

  3. The new order is sent to your order management tablet, or into your POS system, depending on the setup you’ve chosen.

  4. Customers are alerted when their food is ready to pickup or goes out for delivery, based on the settings we configure for you.

  5. Funds are deposited into your bank account either daily, weekly or monthly, depending on what you choose.

Transform your website into a revenue machine.

Give your customers a modern, enjoyable ordering experience, and stop letting fees from third party apps eat up your profits.