Mobile Apps For restaurants

Boost Sales. Increase Loyalty. Delight Customers.

mobile ordering app for restaurant

A mobile app gives a direct channel to your customers, right from their mobile device.

A custom mobile app gives your customers the ultimate branded experience, and opens a new channel for you to communicate directly with them. Build more customer loyalty and increase your average order value.

Branded Mobile App
Restaurant order taking app

Your logo. Your branding. Your menu. Everything is uniquely you.

Mobile apps are custom built for your specific business. Our design team works with you to ensure the experience is perfect for your brand. And you’ll always have full control over the menu, messaging, promotions and everything else.

Your mobile menu app is always in your customers’ hands.

You have the ability to enable add-ons, modifications and many other types of options and complex features needed to ensure that the menu is perfect for your restaurant.

mobile menu app
Restaurant groups App

A menu app is a sophisticated solution for restaurant groups.

Custom mobile apps are especially useful for restaurant groups, multiple concepts and ghost kitchens. In addition to being a one-stop shop for all of your concepts, you can use the app to cross promote between different brands, offer upsells from sister concepts during checkout, and deliver multi-brand marketing promotions.

With a restaurant app customers can order, and then reorder, with ease.

Your customers will love how easy and convenient it is to quickly reorder their favorites with just a few taps.

Customer Re-Orders

Branded Mobile Apps For restaurants increase customer loyalty, with app users ordering up to 2x as often.

Automated Restaurant Marketing

A new channel that makes marketing a breeze.

Use your customers’ own data to remarket to them at the perfect time. Automated marketing can send notifications and offers to your customers at the exact time they are thinking about what kind of food they’d like to eat. This makes your efforts more effective, while requiring less time and effort on your part.

Build loyalty with interactive rewards programs.

A custom branded app also allows you to maximize the full potential of loyalty and rewards programs by leveraging all the capabilities of the iOS and android platforms, such as push notifications and in-screen messages.

customer loyalty programs for restaurants

Increase the frequency and value of customer orders.

Open up a massive new channel for revenue, growth and visibility. Click below to get started, or chat with one of our experts to learn more.