how to take online orders

How to Tell Customers About Online Ordering

By Ben Beddow | May 14, 2022

Your digital ordering platform is all set up, integrated with your POS system, and ready to take orders and direct them straight into your kitchen! You might know that it exists, after all you’ve had the idea and have been researching options for how to take…

Online ordering for restaurants

How to Set Up Online Ordering for a Restaurant

By Ben Beddow | May 3, 2022

As the boundaries between the physical and the digital blur, brick-and-mortar businesses are finding that setting up an online presence for their venue is crucial to their future success. For restaurants in particular this trend was accelerated by the…

shrinkage meaning

Defining and Reducing Shrinkage

By Ben Beddow | April 19, 2022

Food and beverage costs are one of the most variable, and one of the most manageable, costs in a restaurant. Shrinkage is a factor in the production and distribution of all goods that is practically impossible to fully eliminate, especially when dealing with…

angry restaurant customer

Getting Guest Recovery Right (The LEARN Method of Guest Recovery)

By Ben Beddow | April 7, 2022

The ultimate goal of every restaurant is to satisfy and exceed the expectations of every single guest that walks through the door, turning them into loyal and returning patrons in the process. Such a level of perfection is an unrealistic goal, because, no…

online ordering software for restaurants

Why We Built an Online Ordering Solution for Restaurants

By Ben Beddow | March 27, 2022

After years of existence, online ordering for restaurants is still a rapidly evolving segment of the restaurant industry. It provides convenience for customers (who now expect restaurants to offer online ordering), an additional and upward trending revenue stream…

how to reduce labor costs in a restaurant

9 Labor Cost Reducing Tactics

By Ben Beddow | March 8, 2022

Labor costs are one part of a restaurant’s prime costs, and prime costs are responsible for over half of a restaurant’s overall costs. Restaurant labor costs are one the most controllable costs for a location, and the results of properly managing a restaurant’s…