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Unlock a new channel for more orders.

google food ordering
google order food

Why use ActiveMenus Order with Google Integration?

We make it quick and easy to get set up and going with Google. Give your customers a seamless ordering experience in hours. ActiveMenus also handles all customer support issues for both Takeout & Delivery.

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Increase the visibility of your restaurant and drive customer growth.

Accepting orders through Google can increase customer satisfaction and visibility at the same time. This duo can lead to more opportunities and revenue growth.

Customers are already online searching for food to order. Turn those searches into your orders.

Your guests will love the seamless ordering experience.

Customers on Google can find and order from your entire menu in just a few taps. Through ActiveMenus customers will receive updates when their order is ready for pickup or on its way for delivery.

food order google
order food on google
google food delivery app
google food delivery app

Offer takeout or delivery, with tracking and order updates.

Let your customers choose to pick it up in-store or curbside, or have your food delivered to their doorstep. Additionally, you can leverage delivery logistics and automatic dispatch from ActiveMenus to save you even more money and keep everything in-house.

Enable customers on Google to find, order and reorder from you in a few taps.

Enable your guests to quickly reorder their favorites in just a few taps. Convenience is the name of the game here, and your customers will love how easy it is.

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franchise food ordering
multiple locations food ordering

A perfect solution for multiple locations and franchises.

ActiveMenus will get each of your stores set up on google so your customers can order from the location closest to them. And you’ll have the ability to easily edit store hours, menu items, specials and more for each individual location.

Get Online Ordering & Receive Orders
Directly on Order with Google Platform

Start taking direct online orders today without the high fees from third-parties. Want to learn more?


ActiveMenus + Order with Google platform.
Here’s how it works:

  1. ActiveMenus imports your menu and displays it on Order with Google. Then, the “Order Pickup” and/or "Order Delivery" button will be visible and you’re ready to go.

  2. Customers can now place their orders through the Order with Google platform. Payment is captured through your own merchant account.

  3. The new order is sent to your order management tablet, or into your POS system, depending on the setup you’ve chosen.

  4. Customers are updated when their food is ready to pickup or goes out for delivery, based on the settings we configure for you.

  5. Funds are deposited into your bank account either daily, weekly or monthly, depending on what you choose.

Add the power of Google to your restaurant.

Open up a new channel for revenue, growth and visibility. Click below to get started, or chat with one of our experts to learn more.